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Sale of companies and at the best price.

The sale of companies is one of the increasingly booming “markets”, since buying a commercial company offers advantages over the constitution of this one.

Sale of companies

The sale of companies is the purchase of a commercial company, whether limited or anonymous, which has been incorporated and inactive, with the paid-up capital stock and ready to bill from the moment of purchase, a fully operational bank account.

The sale of companies is all carried out before a notary and can be done at any notary in Spain, although the main cities where companies are sold the most are in Barcelona, Madrid

That is why we have companies of all kinds so that when a person wants to buy a company they can choose the ideal one for their business.

List of companies for sale

If you want to see the list of companies for sale that we have at this time with all their characteristics and price in which EVERYTHING is included, click on the following image.

Advantages in buying a company

The advantages offered when buying this type of company are the following:

  • Instant billing thanks to your final NIF.
  • Private partners, since the purchase is not registered in the Mercantile Registry.
  • Without the need to contribute social capital.
  • Notarial guarantee of inactivity and free of charges and / or encumbrances
  • Bank account fully operational by the new administrator

Characteristics of the companies for sale

The main companies for sale that we have are “sociedades limitadas” companies with a share capital from € 3,000 to more than 1 million, with different corporate objects, which include the most demanded such as construction, sale of cars, reforms, renewable energy … no However, if the company does not have the corporate purpose that it wants to develop, there is no problem in including when the sale is made at the notary’s office.

We also have long-standing companies which are in high demand for banking and financing issues.

Types of companies for sale.

  • Companies for transportation; With a share capital of € 60,000, these companies are ideal for transport, since in order to carry out the activity of transport operator it is required that to include transport cards, it must have at least this share capital, it must be said that public limited companies , you already have this amount of minimum share capital.
  • Companies with seniority; As we have mentioned previously, they are in high demand when you want to carry out a franchise, or the bank wants it to be old.
  • Companies with intracommunity NIF / ROI; They are also known as intra-community VAT companies or that are in the VIES. Which has the advantage that when it comes to billing with European Union companies, VAT is “saved”.
  • Urgent companies; They are really “normal” companies, which, being incorporated and inactive, can be sold instantly, which is why they are labeled as urgent companies.

They are also called express, dormant, inactive companies …

How to buy an incorporated company.

The process of buying an incorporated company is very simple, it is only necessary to go to a notary public and sign the following documents

Purchase and sale of shares of the mercantile company. Said sale, as we have mentioned, is not registered in the Mercantile Registry, therefore the purchase of shares of the new partners is private against third parties.

Company changes, which generally are the cessation of the current administrator, change of company address, corporate purpose, company name (company name) … Such changes are recorded in the relevant commercial register and are publicly known.

Act of real ownership, which is already the new administrator signed in the previous document, recognizes which of the new partners is the holder of more than 25% of the shares. This document is not registered in the commercial register either.

As we have mentioned, all this is done before a notary and everything is completely legal and transparent, since the purchase and sale of mercantile companies is covered by the Capital Companies Act Royal Decree 1/2010, we also include guarantee clauses both for the buyer as the seller idle and totally debt free.

What if I can’t go to your city to buy a company?

No problem, since we have made many sales, and we have adapted to all kinds of situations, the most common of which is that the buyer client cannot travel to Barcelona for example to purchase the company.

The sale of the company can be carried out between notaries, being a process just as fast and safe as if it would be carried out in person.

The difference is that, for example, the sellers in this case being us, we would sign the sale of the company in our trusted notary, selling on behalf of the buyers who then ratified said purchase before a notary, and then made the social changes and the acts being the purchase of the entire company.

Then we will attach a legitimate termination letter to the social changes so that when they are registered in the commercial register, the current administrator is terminated.

As you can see, the process is very similar, the difference is that two notaries enter, and they send the documentation through their system, the SIGN, which is used by the notaries.

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